Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Dirty Laundry for October 27, 2010

The Dirty Laundry

Gucci Aressted For Drugs?

Wow, if this is true this is just pitiful! MediaTakeOut is reporting that allegedly Gucci Mane got arrested for having drugs…on his way home from REHAB! Police pulled him over and found marijuana in the car! He later made bail.

T.I. Heads To Jail November 1st
Speaking of drug addicted Atlanta rappers, T.I. will be heading back to his home away from home on Monday, November 1st! He’s heading to a federal prison in Forrest City, Arkansas. And because he couldn’t keep himself out of trouble, T.I. has lost yet another endorsement. First Axe body spray, now Remy Martin Cognac! They issued a statement saying, “Regrettably, we will not be able to continue collaborating with T.I. at this time.”

Amber Rose Has Extended Her 15 Minutes
Well it seems like collaborating with famous rappers definitely pays off! Amber Rose is apparently developing her own TV show! She was on Twitter talking about it, saying she’ll use the show to talk about Kanye West, her ex, and the only reason anyone even cares about Amber! Way to extend your 15 minutes Amber!

Antoine Dodson Has A New Commercial

Speaking of the 15 minute clocks counting down, log onto and check out Antoine Dodson’s (the bed intruder guy) commercial for his new mobile App! Heeeeeeeelarious!

MC Hammer Releases Trailer Of Jay-Z Diss

Another heeelarious video is the trailer for MC Hammer’s Jay-Z diss, called “Better Run Run.” Too funny! King Hammer is calling Jay-Z “Hellboy” and the trailer shows a masked devilish figure running around and groaning!

Joe Jackson Has No Control
Seems like everyone’s beefing… Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father, was fighting with his son’s estate for control, but he lost that battle! A 3-judge panel rejected his appeal of a ruling that said he had no legal right influence how his son’s estate is managed.

Prince Is Going On Tour
Finally, Prince has announced the first set of dates for his “Welcome 2 America” tour, his first major concert series since 2004! Unfortunately for us, they’re all in New York and Jersey so far!

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