Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kat Stacks Slapped

Friday, May 28, 2010

TI Interview

T.I. On Dropping Alfamega When He Found Out He Was Working With The Government & Rumors Of Him Being A Snitch! "I Cant Afford To Be Assoicated With That" + Movie Roles He Would Never Do Such As Homosexual

WTF Alert: This some STR8 Bull$h!t...Police Brutality

Were they taunting the police or did the cops rough them up. You be the judge
This is how one of our viewers are reporting it "My nephew, Brian Wyke, was recently brutalized on video by two armed W police officers from the Barnesville Police Department in Barnesville, Georgia. He and his cousins and friends were walking down the street together and the cops singled him out (probably because they are still upset that his older brother outran them and they cannot find him) and proceeded to provoke him. It all goes downhill from that point on. He is pepper sprayed and punched (all while he is hand-cuffed. "

The Low Down for May 28, 2010

Spike Lee hits The Bottle

Spike Lee isn't just a movie maker, he's an artist! Lee has teamed up with Absolut Vodka to design a new bottle. It's the 4th design in the city inspired bottle collection and pays homage to Brooklyn. Spike also dedicated $50,000 of the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity in NYC!

Alicia Keys Confirms Pregnancy Rumors

Alicia Keys has confirmed to CNN what we all already knew, that she is indeed knocked up by Swizz Beats. It will be their first child together, but Swizz's third!

Diddy Buys New Digs

Diddy just bought his children's mother, Kim Porter, a new mansion. The 10,000 square foot, 6 bedroom, 6.5 bath house cost $5.5 milli! Dayum! Must be nice!

TI Finally Addresses Alphamega

TI is finally talking about why he dropped Alphamega from Grand Hustle last year! As suspected, it had to do with Mega being an informant. TIP said, "I can't afford to really be associated with that...I have no choice but to separate myself just due to what's best for me and mine." I can't be mad at you Tip!

Is Drake Sending Subliminal Messages

Drake may be sending subliminal messages to Rihanna in his new song, "Fireworks," with Alicia Keys. Supposedly him and RiRi had hooked up soon after she broke up with Chris Brown. In the song he says, "What happened between us that night it always seems to trouble me, now all of a sudden, these gossip rags want to cover me...what an experience, you could have been the one, but it wasn't serious." hmmmm, interesting!

Gary Coleman Hospitalized

Gary Coleman has supposedly been hospitalized in Utah and is in critical condition. His brother says he suffered a head injury. Let this be a lesson...Life is too short!

VH1's Catch 22

VH1 has come under a lot of criticism for it's upcoming Hip Hop Honors: The Dirty South. Scarface, Luke and Tony Draper have all voiced their concerns. Now producers are responding. They said, "As much conversation that we get from southerners saying we're ghettoizing it, conversely, we get people saying 'why are you honoring those people down south." I'll tell you what, they'll probably never honor the South again! Thanks Scarface...thanks a bunch!

Is There A Secret Custody Battle For MJ's Kids

Word is, due to Katherine Jackson's ailing health, there is a secret custody battle going on in the Jackson Family over custody of Michael Jacksons children, Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket. Katherine has fallen recently and injured herself, showing just how fragile she really is.

Kat Stacks Got Assaulted

Kat Stacks, the chick that has put many rappers she has slept with on blast, is now accusing Fabolous of sending 2 men into a club to smack her up, steal her cell phone and record it all on video! She took to Twitter yesterday with the accusations!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Diddy / Dirty Money With T.I., Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj For "Hello Good Morning"

New Video: Big Boi - Shutterbug

The Low Down For May 27, 2010

Albert Haynesworth Being Sued For Child Support...Early

So Washington Redskin's star Albert Haynesworth is being sued by an exotic dancer from Brooklyn who says he knocked her up, then abandoned her! Silvia Mena, who is nearly 4 months preggers, claims she met Albert in in Miami during Superbowl and one thing led to another...And now she's pregnant! Well she alleged that now he won't speak to her or give her any money! When will these professional athletes learn? *sigh*

Are Common and Serena Splitsville?

Word is that Common and Serena have split. In Touch Weekly is reporting that they couple has broken up. A so-called friend says they just grew apart. They also said that Common was acting VERY single recently on a cruise! hmmmm....

Da Brat Finally Comes Out

Da Brat has finally come out...of prison that is! She made an appearance with Jermaine Dupri in a video for his Living The Life web series. She's been in prison, serving 3 years for assaulting a woman with a bottle at Studio 72 in Atlanta. She says that now she's allowed to leave her prison cell to pursue a work release job making windows...

50 Cent Is Skinny As Hell!!

Looks like 50 Cent has been on a prison diet!! His emaciated look is for a new movie called Things Fall Apart, which is about a football player that is diagnosed with cancer. 50 says he dropped 54 pounds in 9 weeks by sticking to an all liquid diet and walking 3 hours a day! He says, "I was starving...but I've been eating. I'll be back in shape in no time!" I hope he gets some kind of award for getting that deep into the role!

Ciara Beefin' With Another R&B Diva?

Ciara isn't denying rumors that her single, Basic Instinct, takes a swipe at Keri Hilson. Ciara said, "That's a song that I dedicated to my haters...It's just getting a lot off my chest."

Mariah Carey Calls It Quits

Mariah Carey abruptly pulled out of Tyler Perry's next movie, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf. She would have been starring alongside Janet Jackson, Kerry Washington and Macy Gray, but she pulled out Tuesday, fueling baby rumors!

Ellen Faces The Music

Ellen Degeneres has a new baby! She's decided to start her own record label called ElevenEleven!

Wyclef Receives Degree

Wyclef was recently honed for his continuing charity work through his Yele Haiti Foundation. Western Connecticut State University presented him with an honorary doctorate degree. They also gave him a $9,500 check for Yele! Get that money daddy!

Rihanna Sues Ex-Trainer

Rihanna has filed a countersuit against her former trainer Cindy Percival. RiRi claims that she fronted Percival a $26,000 advance and after RiRi fired her, she kept the money!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recognition in the Power 98 Studio w/ The Maddhouse

Plies In The Power 98 Studios w/ The Maddhouse

The Low Down for May 26, 2010

Omorrossa Gets A Dating Show

Omorrossa, memba her from Apprentice? Well, The Big D aka Donald Trump is producing a show centered around her called The Ultimate Merger. Twelve guys will compete for Omorrossa's love!

Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Could Reunite

Kim K. and Reggie Bush could end up getting back together! She's been dog sitting for him and people close to them are wondering if things will heat back up. Plus, Reggie himself has said, " Anything's possibly, we've always been on good terms. Always. No matter what happens."

Nas & Kelis Divorce Finalize

It's official, Nas and Kelis' divorce is final. That is all!

Another Split For Dwayne Wade's Estranged Wife

D. Wade's estranged wife's lawyer has split! And mind you, this is her 9th divorce lawyer and only her 1st divorce! Her lawyer, Marsha Fisher, is the latest lawyer to leave, filing an emergency motion in a Chicago court, asking to be removed because of irreconcilable difference. Her and Wade have been divorcing since 2007! This is beyond ugly!!

Rick Ross Sues Rick Ross

Freeway Rick Ross, the original street hustler, is suing Rick Ross the rapper! Freeway claims that Ross Da Bawse used his identity to sign a multi-million dollar record deal with Def Jam in 2006!

Suge Knight Allegedly Puts A Hit Out

Adding to his legal troubles, Suge Knight is being accused of putting a hit out on an unnamed man, sending 8 people to his house to kill him! Wowzer!!! Also, Yukmouth said Suge DID NOT have anything to do with the men who robbed him of $92,000. Yuk said, "I 't really go into details about it, because the situation is real delicate." Things that make you go hmmmm!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rick Ross To Sue Rick Ross

Rick Ross may have a saving grace in the face that they used to call dude “Freeway” Ricky Ross back in the day. As far as I know, he was never called “Rick Ross” like the rapper. I don’t know…interesting.

(AllHipHop News) The real Rick Ross could face off against the rapper Rick Ross (William Leonard Roberts II) in court this summer, over the usage of the name “Rick Ross.”

Rick Ross controlled thousands of workers at the height of his power in the mid-1980’s, who dealt millions of dollars worth of cocaine each day.

In 1996, Ross was sentenced to life in prison for attempting to purchase over 100 kilograms of cocaine.

Ross was released from prison in 2006 and attempted to reclaim his name.

Ross claims that Miami rapper Rick Ross (William Leonard Roberts II) signed a multimillion dollar deal in 2006, based on his image and likeness as a drug dealer.

Rick Ross claims that he protested the use of his name in 2006 by sending cease-and-desist letters to Def Jam, which were allegedly ignored.

Sources told that Ross’ lawsuit will claim that the rapper stole his identity and based it on Rick Ross’ real drug dealer image in the black community.

According to sources, Ross is planning to sue Def Jam, Universal, William “Rick Ross” Roberts II and others.

The rapper Rick Ross (William Leonard Roberts II) is preparing to release his fourth album Telfon Don.

Taken from!

Suge Knight Accused of Ordering a Hit

One day after Suge Knight was released from jail last week, the rap mogul allegedly masterminded a murder plot ... this according to legal documents.

An L.A. County Superior Court judge has ordered Suge to stay at least 100 yards away from a Los Angeles area man after an allegedly frightening encounter this past Friday.

According to legal docs filed Monday, the man claims Suge "had 8 guys come to my house and told them to get me or kill me."

As TMZ previously reported, Suge was arrested Thursday morning for assault with a deadly weapon. It's unclear if the man who got the restraining order was involved in the prior incident -- though he claims Suge later told him that "he was out now and going to take my life."

Suge is ordered to appear in court to respond to the allegations on June 8.

Read more:

New Video: Cali Swag District - Teach Me How to Dougie

The Dream & Christina Millian Seprating?

According to one of our FAIRLY reliable sources out in Atlanta, R&B singer The Dream and his new bride Christina Milian are having marital problems. Word on the street is that the two have been spending LESS and LESS time together and people are starting to whisper.

The insider tells, "They don't even really live together anymore, he lives [in Atlanta] and she lives in Los Angeles. Some people are saying that they're already separated. I don't think they're [separated] yet, but its coming."

Taken from!

Is Lady Gaga Gay

Here she is on her yatch and it looks like she's making out with this chick!

WTF Alert: Daaaaaayum Jim Jones Is Musty!!

Dwayne Wade's Ex-Wife's Lawyer Quits

TMZ has learned an emergency motion was filed yesterday in Cook County, IL by Siohvaughn's attorney, Marsha Fisher -- requesting she be withdrawn as Siohvaughn's representation in her ongoing divorce battle with the Miami Heat star.

That means Marsha is the NINTH lawyer Siohvaughn has parted ways with in the case.

And just for fun, here's the list of her former attorneys in chronological order (you're welcome): Dorene Marcus, Burton Hochberg, Michael Berger, David Stein, John Rokacz, Rosaire Nottage, Andrew Leinoff, and Michael Bruck.

All except one withdrew from representing her, one was only used for an appeal which was subsequently denied.

No word on if Matlock will be available when the trial resumes in June.

Read more:

Lil Romeo Dating Big Poppa's Daughter

Yesterday, told you that Romeo Miller had a new girlfriend, Kaitlan Najjar, daughter to Lee "Big Poppa" Najjar from the Atlanta Housewives.

Well, he took her out yesterday publicly . . .

Michelle From Destiny's Child Got A Baller!!

Waka Addresses Being Run Up On

Waka Addresses Slick Pulla's Cousin! Says He Was Pump Fakin In Front Of The Police "Run Up On Me & Than Ill Respect You. Aint No MuthaF*ckin Crips G Check Me. If I Catch You. Ima Give It To You" + Bottles Get Thrown On Stage While Waka Flocka Performs!

New Video: Ludacris f. Trey Songz - Sex Room

The Boondocks Season 3 (The Story Of Jimmy Rebel)

New Video: Chris Brown - No B.S.

New Video: Rihanna - Rockstarr 101

Gucci Interview

The Low Down for May 25, 2010

Are They Or Aren’t They?

Last timed I checked, Rihanna was telling the Daily Mirror that she was in love with Matt Kemp. Well now she’s singing a different tune. She recently told the British magazine You that they’re not officially a couple. And like I reported yesterday, Matt was caught spending time with up-and-coming pop singer Kristine Elezaj. I wonder if we’ll be hearing break up reports soon!?!

Is Lil Wayne Hating On Toya’s New Man?

Word is Lil Weezy called his daughter’s mother Toya from Riker’s Island to tell her to break up with her new man Memphitz! Recently, R&B singer K. Michelle accused Memph of getting physically abusive with her. So supposedly, Lil Weezy-ana told her to stop messing with Memph and keep him away from their daughter!

Monica’s Ex Offers Reward

Monica’s ex and the father of her sons, Rocko, is offering a $50,000 reward for the return of his stolen laptop. It was taken out of his Cadillac Escalade while he was at Benihana’s.

Timbaland Settles Lawsuit

Timbaland settled a lawsuit with David Cortpassi, who sued him for copyright infringement. Timbaland sampled Cortopassi’s “Spaz” for his song “Throw It On Me” from his Shock Value album. Damn Tombo, you thieving like that? Maybe he took Rocko’s laptop too! I’m just saying!

Diddy Is Doing Too Much

Diddy just signed on as Rick Ross’ manager and he’s already trying to take on new jobs! He’s been on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace campaigning to takeover Simon’s spot on American Idol next season. He’s even spoken to Simon’s business manager. I need Diddy to focus!!

Will Eddie Murphy Returning To His Roots?

Eddie Murphy is considering returning to his stand-up roots. He said, “Within the last six months or so, I have started getting an itch to do it again.” He also said, “It’s gonna take at least a year to get the rust off, 20 years of rust.”

Suge Knight Is Free

Suge Knight is a free man after posting $60,000 bail. He was arrested Thursday and charged with suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and driving with a suspended license. Plus a warrant for that whole situation with Yukmouth. His lawyer MUST BE delusional because he told CNN that Suge “is really looked up to in the African American community.” Really?!? I must not have gotten that memo! LOL

Ludacris And Usher Do Good In The Hood

Over the weekend, Ludacris volunteered at a KaBoom! Playground build at an elementary in Atlanta. And Usher is gearing up for his annual free summer camp that helps 150 young people who want to be dancers, singers or producers.

New Releases

Cam’Ron & The U.N. “Present Heat In Here Vol. 1”
Common “Go! Common Classics”
Rihanna “Rated R: Remixed”
Various Artists “The Sexy and The City 2 Soundtrack”
Leela James “My Soul”
Various Artists “Soca Gold 2010”
Run DMC “Music of Run DMC”

I’m Yasmin Young and that’s The Low Down! For even more of the dirty dirty, tune in to The Morning Maddhouse at 7:10!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Recognition in the Studio With The Maddhouse!

Recognition in the Studio! « WPEG — Power 98 Charlotte

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New Movie: Speed Dating

Speed Dating (Starring Esther Baxter, Chingy & More)

Coming This Summer!

Chilli & Her Damn List on Lopez Tonight

The Low Down for May 21, 2010

Kelly Rowlands Signs New Deal

Kelly Rowland, who recently parted ways with her manager and Beyonce's dad, Mathew Knowles, has signed a new record deal with Universal/Mowtown Records! Mazel tov!

Janet Jackson Has a New Do And Dude

Janet Jackson hit the streets of London recently, sporting a new Solange-like fade and a new man! I'm so not feeling the new hair-do, but I am feeling her new wealthy man, who by the way is 10 years younger than her! Go head then cougar!!

Nicki Minaj Caught On Tape Doing The Dirty

Supposedly there is a tape that's a few years old circulating that shows Nicki Minaj doing some nasty things! They say it was supposedly made before she got hot! Maybe her having a sex tape will help her career like it did for Kim K & Ray J, Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton! I'm just saying...

Kendra Wilkinson Cashes in on Her Sex Tape

Kendra Wilkinson, from The Girls Next Door, also is dealing with a sex tape fiasco! She initially tried to stop her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Justin Frye from being released, but failed! Well now she's worked out a deal with Vivid Entertainment to make some money from showing her honey! She stands to get up to 50% of sales from the tape! Cha-ching!

Toya's Daughter Approves New Beau

Toya Carter, from Tiny & Toya, said recently that her daughter Reginae, approves of her new boo, Memphitz, a music executive. She said, "I am seeing someone and my daughter loves him!" In related news, R&B singer K. Michelle is claiming that Memph physically abused her!

Beanie Sigel Is Back At It

Beanie Sigel, former compadre of Jay-Z, was recently caught dissing Hov, yet again! This time is was at a show with Freeway and Peedi Crakk! Jay-Z's too busy being rich and never responds, so I'm not sure why Beanie even bothers!

Suge Knight Was Arrested

Suge Knight has more legal problems! He was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon involving a firearm. Allegedly, Suge and 10 of his goons assaulted Yunkmouth from the Luniz and stole almost $100,000 worth of jewelry from his hotel room in Cali! Bail was set at $65,000! I guess there really is no California Love! Dayum!

Prosecution Rests In Dolla's Murder Trial

The prosecution has rested in the trial of Aubrey Berry, who is accused of murdering the rapper Dolla. All that's left is for the jury to decide Berry's fate!

I'm Yasmin Young and that's The Low Down! For even more of the dirty dirty, tune in to The Morning Maddhouse at 7:10 am

New Video: T-Will - Get Low

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Waka Flocka on The Monique Show

WWW: Why Can't Successful Black Women Find A Black Man

We will be discussing why successful Black women can't find a Black man today for Working Women Wednesday inside The Morning Maddhouse on Power 98!

Tune in for the Women Only Forum and the interview with Jimi Izrael.

Get in on the discussion by calling 704.570.WPEG!

Here is a clip from Nightline's roundtable.

Sherri Shepherd, co-host of ABC's "The View," and Jacque Reid, star of VH1's "Let's Talk About Pep," will debate "CSI" star Hill Harper, and Jimi Izrael, author of "The Denzel Principle" on why many successful black women cannot find a man.

Mashonda Tells Swizz "Pay Up!"

The ink’s not even dry on their divorce yet, but hip-hop producer — and soon-to-be Mr. Alicia Keys — Swizz Beatz and his ex-wife are heading back to court.
In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Mashonda Dean says the man who officially became her ex-husband two weeks ago already owes her $334,000 in missed payments. “I so much wanted both of us to get on with our lives and maintain our respect for one another, but he now shows that his priorities and sense of responsibility are screwed up,” R&B singer Dean said.

Dean’s lawyer, Bernard Clair, called the nonpayment “particularly troubling” because of reports that Beatz bought a seven-carat engagement ring for Keys earlier this year and that they’re moving into a $14.5 million duplex penthouse on Crosby Street. Beatz told The Post his ex’s allegations that he owes $325,000 in equitable distribution and $9,000 in alimony and child support are “inaccurate” and “overblown,” and said that he’s gone “above and beyond” to provide for her and their son, Kasseem Jr., 13.

He said he’d agreed to pay Dean more than the judge required and much more than his lawyer recommended — he even had to sign court papers acknowledging that he was going against his attorney’s advice.

“I gave over what the judge was recommending to give. I gave her $700,000 up front, because I thought $200,000 wasn’t enough for what she wanted to do. I still get spit in my face for it,” he said. He suggested that the subsequent payments had been ready to go when he discovered “she’d been selling all my stuff out of my house.”
Clair said the only items his client sold were some remote-controlled vehicles the producer had left behind after movers took out his belongings.”

The two sides are due back in court next month. The 31-year-old will reportedly tie the knot with the stunning “Empire State of Mind” singer Keys this summer.

It’s hard for us to believe that Swizzy is a deadbeat, poor Mashonda just might be a wee bit bitter, huh???

Taken from!

Behind The Scenes: Gucci - 911 Emergency Videoshoot

911 Emergency is going to be Gucci's first single off his new upcoming album The State vs. Radric Davis 2.

Photo Credits: Alain Greene/Janero Marchand

The Low Down for May 18, 2010

Jamaican Officials Say Drake's a Rude Boy?

Well, kind of. Jamaican officials don't approve of his new video for "Find Your Love," which was filmed in Kingston. In the video, he's captured by a Jamaican gang, which is why officials don't like the video. Officials say it's bad for tourism!

Nene Leaks Got A New Nose

Pictures have surfaced of Nene's new nose and for the record it looks awful! That is all!

Is Trey Songz Pushing Up On Chris Brown's Girl

Over the weekend, Trey Songz was caught in a Virginia club all up in Chris Brown's girlfriend's face! Trey was so far up in Draya's grill that he almost kissed her! Later, she tweeted that she and Trey are just friends and that she was with CB as she tweeted! Trey allegedly ended up leaving with her friend!

Tyler Perry's Identity Stolen

Tyler Perry said that he was recently a victim of identity theft. Someone, who he called an "idiot," ran up $30,000 worth of charges! Madea's gonna have to open a can of whoop a... on 'em!

Jeezy Doing Good In The Hood

Young Jeezy recently rewarded Georgia students that successfully passed the Georgia Criterion-Referenced Competency Test. He rented out Metro Lanes and had some family fun! He even offered to pay the parent's bills! Um and I just have to add that he was looking might scrum-diddily-umscious in the pictures from the event!

Pitbull Pulls Concert in Arizona

Due to Arizona's immigration law, Pitbull decided to cancel his May 31st concert there. I'm not exactly sure who he's punishing by cancelling the concert, it kinda seems like it would be more beneficial to the cause to have the concert and use it as a forum to express his opinion. But hey if he likes it, I love it!

J-Hud Has To Go Back To The Lab?

Even though Jennifer Hudson is looking fabulous, now that she's healthier, apparently some of her tracks haven't been so great! Word is that she's got to head back into the studio to record new songs for her sophomore album because the feedback has been less than stellar! I guess you can't have it all!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Gangland: Vendetta Of Blood

Gangland: Vendetta Of Blood "Lincoln Park Blood Gang" In San Diego California (Starring Mitchy Slick / Episode Where Mitchy Slick Is Upset. Claiming They Tricked Him)

The Boondocks Season 3

WTF Alert: Jigga's Daughter??

LOl, this chick has surfaced before, looking like Jay-Z's daughter!! Daaaayum, that's so not the good look! lol

WTF Alert: Nene from RHOA Got a Nose Job??

Pictures from!

New Video: Diddy f. Rick Ross & TI - Hello

New Video: Lloyd f. Mystikal - Set Me Free

The Low Down for May 17, 2010

Shaquille O'Neal Got A New Bag
Shaq's got a new girl, music industry executive, Lisa Ellis. Now her claim to fame is being Wyclef's former jump-off. That was until his wife found out and emailed naked pictures she found of Ellis to Ellis' co-workers! Well somehow those pics supposedly got forwarded to Shaq...and well, I guess advertising does work!

Queen Latifah Shacking Up?
Queen Latifah and her "trainer," Jeanette Jenkins, purchased a house in LA together for $1.3 million. The house is in both their names! I'm just saying she tried to tell y'all in "Set It Off."

Lil Wayne's Sentence May Be Extended
Lil Wayne could be facing an extension in his sentence due to the music contraband he had in his possession at Riker's Island. He has to go to trial and they will make a determination.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Are Bonnie & Clyde When It Comes To Hustling
Beyonce and Jay-Z are determined to be a power couple! Hova announced that he's teaming up with Skull Candy to release Roc Nation Aviator headphones! And Bey Bey announced that House of Dereon is launching a bedding line!

Mary J. Blige Sings The Blues
Mary J. Blige has been cast to play Nina Simone in a new bio-pic, set to be released in 2011. Filming will be in Paris. Go head Mary!!

Diddy Tells Us What We Already Knew
P. Diddy went on 106 & Park and announced what we already knew, that he is managing Rick Ross. He also recently announced that he won't be holding his White Party this year! Instead, he's teamed up with M&M's to throw a Color Party! You can actually log onto the M&M's website for a chance to go yourself, plus 20 of your friends.

Kelly Rowland Gets The Boot
Kelly Rowland got replaced by Iman as the host of Bravo's "The Fashion Show," for the second season, due to less than stellar ratings! Ouch!

Video Surfaces In Death of Sean Levert
A video has surfaced last week of Sean Levert, who died in a Cleveland prison, being restrained by officers. Throughout the 3-minute video he's screaming "no," calling out for his mother and blaming someone for someone else's death. The Levert family is suing the City of Cleveland, claiming that Sean didn't receive adequate medical attention while at the jail.

50 Cent's Movie Goes Straight To DVD
50 Cent's new movie "Caught in the Crossfire," a cop-action movie has been given a straight to DVD release and will hit stores this summer, July 13.

I'm Yasmin Young and that's The Low Down for today May 17. For more of the dirty dirty tune in to The Morning Maddhouse at 7:10a.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Low Down for May 13, 2010

Model Noemie Lenoir Attempts Suicide

French model Noemie Lenoir tried to commit suicide earlier this week near Paris by taking pills and alcohol. Her son’s father found her unconscious, and called paramedics, but canceled the call after Lenoir woke up. She then left and later was found unconscious in a park. She has been linked to Russell Simmons and P. Diddy.

Michael Jackson Begging For Money and Scared For His Life?

The Sun newspaper in the UK claims to have audio tapes of Michael Jackson asking for money and saying he was scared for his life. Mike said, “It’s very important, I want that 150 in that account for me because I am very concerned about my life.”

Dwayne Wade Didn’t Deliver

Dwayne Wade is facing even more financial difficulties. He is being sued by his former partners in his restaurant venture. His former partners in D. Wade’s Place are seeking $25 million! Daaaayyyyum!

Jim Jones Pullin a Gucci?

Jim Jones allegedly has been taking deposits for shows, showing up to collect the rest of the money, then leaving before performing! I’m really just surprised that anyone is booking him for shows in the first place!

Mariah Carey Trying To Get Alicia Keys Status

Paparazzi caught Mariah and hubby Nick Cannon outside a fertility clinic. Not once, but twice! Maybe Alicia Keys can loan her Swizz Beatz to get the job done! I’m just sayin…

Jay-Z To Perform Historic Concert

Jay-Z and Eminem will be the first artists to perform a full concert at the new Yankee stadium! The concert will be all the way live on September 13. They’ll also perform in Detroit on September 2! This is one concert I’m trying to stack my pennies for.

Tune in to The Morning Maddhouse at 7:10 am on Power 98 for even more of the dirty dirty!

Check Out Hot Yella's New Joint "Catwalk"

Right Click Here to Download "Catwalk"

Coming Up On Da Maddhouse May 14!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is Usher Involved a Love Triangle just learned some EXPLOSIVE news. For months we've been hearing reports that Usher's new girlfriend Grace Miguel was a MAN STEALER . . . who stole Usher away from his wife Tameka.

Well now we've learned that the story is even more SCANDALOUS!! EXCLUSIVELY learned that Grace and Tameka were actually VERY GOOD FRIENDS. The below pics, taken nearly 10 years ago show Grace playing with Tameka's son (who is now 11 years old).

This photo which was taken BEFORE either woman became involved with the R&B singer, but it shows that Tameka was SO CLOSE with Grace that she allowed her to watch her children.

The insider told, "Back then Grace was about 200 pounds. After that she lost weight, I suspect by some sort of surgery . . . Once she lost the weight, she dumped her husband and stole Usher away from Tameka."

Taken from!

TI Put The Smackdown on Tiny & Toya? has some SAD news for all you Tiny & Toya fans - the show is being CANCELLED. According to one of's WELL PLACED snitches, this season will be the last season of BET's highest rated series.

What happened. Well apparently TI no longer wants Tiny to be a part of the series.'s snitch tells us, "When he was about to go [to prison] he really didn't have much of a say in what Tiny did. But now that he's out, he told her to leave the show . . . he thinks it is a bad look for Tiny and their family."

But don't worry guys, the insider ALSO told that Toya will be continuing on with ANOTHER show on BET. The show will focus on her life.

Taken from!

Crazy World: Cop Shoots Himself, Blames It On 2 Black Men

"Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said that 46-year-old Sgt. Robert Ralston reported he was shot by a suspect on April 5, but an investigation has revealed the sergeant actually shot himself. The 21-year veteran of the force has been suspended with intent to dismiss. In fact, Ramsey went so far as to say they're not only going to take his badge away but they're never going to re-issue that number again because Ralston "disgraced the badge." Police said Ralston's story fully unraveled overnight when he came in for four hours of questioning. Ralston – who had recently been transferred to the 19th District – was grazed in the shoulder in last month's incident." - 29 News

Sleeping With a Married Person: Is It Worth Your Life?

"A man has been convicted of trying to pour acid down the throat of his victim in revenge for his relationship with a married woman. Mohammed Vakas, 26, was convicted of conspiracy to murder Awais Akram, 25. Mr Akram managed to avoid swallowing the acid, but suffered horrific burns over most of his body and was not expected to survive. He was blinded in one eye, lost both his ears and was left widely scarred by drain cleaner fluid which is 91% sulphuric acid.The attack was launched because of his relationship with Sadia Khatoon, a woman he met on Facebook. She is the sister of Vakas. He was beaten, kicked and stabbed twice yards from his home. He said: "This person came in front of me and he had a bottle in his hand. He was saying 'Open your mouth, open your mouth.' "He started pouring acid on top of my head. I felt a burning sensation. I asked why I was being attacked and I could not hear clearly, but I could hear the words 'Sadia, Sadia, Sadia.'""

WTF Alert: Kelis in London

Somebody pleeeeeeeease splain to me what in Sam hell this child has on!!! Looks like she raided Goodwill...back in 1977! SMH

Femcee: Gloss da Boss (Hot or Not?)

Gloss Da Boss (Female Rapper) - Jay-Z's A Million Freestyle [Unsigned Hype]

Mariah Trying To Get Preggers?

Mariah and hubby Nick leaving a fertility clinic (2nd day in a row)!

Alicia Keys on TV Total in Germany

She comes on around the 1:21 marker. Peep the shirt! She CLEARLY looks preggers!

Unthinkable video

'Bruce Leroy' Cleared in Domestic Violence Case

Taimak Guarriello was arrested for felony domestic violence on April 25 in San Diego, after cops responded to a call at the alleged victim's home.

Cops tell us the woman claimed Taimak slapped her in the face and injured one of her thumbs. As first reported, Taimak was arrested and booked in San Diego County Jail. He bonded out later that day.

Eventually the case was turned over to the San Diego City Attorney's Office, which ultimately reviewed the case and declined to file charges against Taimak.

We contacted Taimak's rep for comment who told us, "Taimak and his fiancée are fine. There was a miscommunication on what went down, and all charges were completely dropped."

Taken from

Lawrence Taylors Defense: It Was Jergens Only

Sources directly connected with Lawrence Taylor tell TMZ the NFL legend's defense to rape is masturbation.

We're told Lawrence will not deny he was in the same room as the 16-year-old prostitute, but his lawyer will argue Lawrence did not have sexual intercourse -- an element of third degree rape.

As one source put it, Lawrence engaged in a "masturbatory act" and that was it.

According to New York law, "A person is guilty of rape in the third degree when ... he or she engages in sexual intercourse with another person less than seventeen years old."

Interestingly ... in the criminal complaint against the alleged pimp, authorities allege Taylor engaged in "sex acts" but there is not mention of sexual intercourse -- a requirement for 3rd degree rape.

As TMZ first reported, a condom was found in Taylor's hotel room, but sources say Taylor's lawyers will argue the condom wasn't his and he didn't use it.

Taylor's lawyer, Arthur Aidala, has said flatly, his client did not have sex with the girl.

Read more:

WTF Alert: Kat Stacks Mama Goes In On Chopper City

Daaaaaaayyyyyuuuumm, Kat Stacks mama got a POTTY Mouth!

Kat Stacks mother going hard at Chopper City and she aint playing.

Gucci Free: Released From Prison Today!

Hmmm, Gucci ain't bad looking now that he's been on that prison diet!

"First and foremost, I would like to thank my legal counsel, Dwight Thomas and Michael Holmes, for their excellent representation, as well as my label, Asylum and Warner Brothers Records, for sticking with me through my situation and helping me through my time behind bars," Gucci said. "Most importantly, I want to thank all of my fans for their support while I have been away. Your letters and your words of encouragement helped me make it through. None of my success would be possible without you. I have made some mistakes in my life that have hurt a lot of people who care about me. I have worked very hard to get past them, but those mistakes have brought me to where I am today, and they will not be repeated."
"These past six months have been a difficult time, but fortunately I have learned a great deal from my experience," he added. "I was able to do a great deal of soul searching; I am coming out with a new attitude towards life. Unfortunately, my incarceration also came at a pivotal point in my career, just as my first major-label album was dropping. I was forced to miss what should have been one of the proudest moments of my life. This is something that I will make sure never happens again. My time in jail was trying, but I grew from it and am now a stronger and better person. I want to continue on a positive track and truly focus on being a role model to my fans and my community. I am looking towards the future with a newfound respect and appreciation for the law and a strong dedication to my music and my career."

"I have already begun to make positive strides towards the future," he said. "I have launched a new label, 1017 Brick Squad Records in affiliation with Asylum/ Warner Bros Records, and I am working with a new team. I am looking forward to getting back to business and to start making hits. I am extremely excited about my new album, The Appeal, which will be dropping at the end of the summer. Over the course of 2010, 1017 Brick Squad Records will also be releasing albums from my artist Wacka Flocka Flame, as well as my group Brick Squad, which features Wacka, OJ Da Juiceman and myself. In July, I will be heading out on a nationwide tour, hitting venues across the country and continuing the movement."

The Low Down for May 12, 2010

Former Supermodel Beverly Peele in Critical Condition

Former 80's supermodel Beverly Peele was in an accident last night in Los Angeles. She is reportedly in critical condition. Keep her in your prayers!

Dwayne Wade's Wife Was Lost, But She's Been Found

Dwayne Wade's estranged wife, Siohvaughn Wade, missed two court appearances Monday, but the po-po found her yesterday. She was taken into custody at 11:15 am. She reportedly showed up with $10,000 bond to avoid jail. I just wanna know what was so d*mn important that she couldn't make it in the first place!?!

Lil Wayne Busted In Prison

Lil Wayne got busted in Riker's Island, where he's serving a year for a weapons charge. Officers were tipped off that Lil Weezy-ana had "music contraband" in his cell. They found an iPod charger and headphones. Another prisoner in the same wing was found to have the actual music player. Weezy and the other inmate will be charged with an infraction for contraband. I wonder he what songs he had on it...and I hope they were worth the trouble!

Gucci's Former Manager and Waka Flocka's Mom Goes OFF!

Deb Antney, Waka's mama and Gucci's aunt and former manager, was caught on tape clearing up the whole Gucci firing her as his manager thing. Oh yeah, and she went off on quite a few music industry folks too! She kinda reminds me of Suge Knight...but I digress. She said that Gucci didn't fire her, he simply wants to come into his own as a man. She also used to manage Nicki Minaj, who she said didn't technically fire her either...but Nicki's legal team sure did! Then she proceeds to go in on quite a few industry folks, including Julia Beverly, publisher of Ozone Magazine! Mama went in! All the way in!

And speaking of Gucci, he got released from prison today!

Was Don Cheadle A Victim Of Racial Profiling

Don Cheadle said that while he was flying first class on a recent flight to Los Angeles a flight attendant was extremely rude to him several times. She allegedly said that she had been told that a Black man with a hat on was trying to sneak into first class and that she thought it was him. Later, he said, she brought him some Cognac and said it was her way of apologizing. And you know, just like ALL Black men look alike, ALL Black men drink Cognac! Right...

Tyra Banks Pens New Novel

Tyra Banks added another accomplishment to her resume. She's written a novel, Modelland, which she says has, "some fierceness and magic, romance and mystery, crazy and wild adventures and yeah, some danger too!" Um yeah, sounds like Harry Potter meets Sex In The City! Pick that up and let me know how it goes!

VH1 to Honor The South

Bun B, Lil Jon and T-Pain have been added to the list of performers at the 2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors show. This year's show will honor the South's contribution to hip hop! Honorees include Jermaine Dupri, J Prince of Rap-a-lot Records, Master P, Organized Noize, Luke, 2 Live Crew, Pitbull and Trina! The show airs on none other than VH1 June 9 at 9 pm! South stand up!!

RZA Signs Movie Deal

Rza from Wutang is making some major moves! He signed a $20 million movie deal with Universal to produce a kung-fu movie, The Man With The Iron Fist. Quentin Tarantino will be working with him on the project and he will be starring in the movie! Wutang, Wutang, Wutang...sorry, had a 90's flashback moment, lemme step back into 2010!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

D. Wayde's Wife Doesn't Make Court

Earlier today, Siohvaughn Wade had blown off a court hearing in Chicago regarding her ongoing divorce war with the Miami Heat star -- so the judge threatened to issue a body attachment order unless she showed up in the afternoon.

The deadline came and went -- and Siohvaughn never showed.

Now, the judge has issued the order -- which means cops will now seek her out, take her into custody ... and deliver her to the judge.

As we previously reported, Siohvaughn has made several sensational claims about Dwyane -- most recently accusing the NBA star of engaging in "sexual foreplay" with his new girlfriend in front of his kids.

Dwyane -- who was present at court today -- has denied all of Siohvaughn's allegations.

Read more: at

Tiger Getting Divorced???

TMZ has learned Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are trying to strike agreements on child custody and division of assets ... and then quietly and quickly file divorce papers to end their marriage.

Sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the most important thing for both Tiger and Elin is keeping the terms of the divorce confidential. We're told Tiger has a team -- partly based in NYC -- that is working on the division of assets. But ... as TMZ first told you ... the key player is West Palm Beach lawyer Thomas Sasser, an expert in child custody agreements that involve more than one jurisdiction.

Sources say one of the options is to actually file for divorce in Sweden -- Elin wants to move there with the kids and Tiger would have to submit to the jurisdiction of the court. Wherever the divorce is filed, the plan is to keep the custody and property settlement agreements out of the court file. We're told the quicker and quieter the divorce, the better.

The big issue, we're told -- Tiger wants either custody or visitation, and assurance that he can go into court and enforce the agreement if Elin violates it. We're told Tiger wants the option to go to either a Swedish or American court to enforce the custody agreement.

And sources say ... the couple has not reached agreement on any of the major issues ... at least not yet.

Taken from

WTF Alert: Kandi in a Gay Club

All I can say is WTF! LMAO! This just ain't right!

Daaaayum Gucci/Nicki Minaj Former Manager Going In

Waka Flocka's Mom & Ex Manager Of Nicki Minag Talks Getting Fired By Nicki! (Goes Off On Julia Beverly From Ozone Mag & More People In The Industry)

I don't know nothing about the business dealings, but I love her attitude! She like a female Suge Knight! And she keeeeeeep it real (or at least she talks like she does, lol)

Lisa Raye Hate Her Or Love Her!

OK looks like her show might be intersting! But daaaayyyyum when did Queen Pen (yall memba her?), get so FAT?!!

WTF: Kat Stacks Back At It...

...and I'm gonna have to cut this b!tch for blasting my man Ochocinco's number!

New Video: Robin Thicke - It's In The Morning

Sexual White Chocolate!

Remy Ma Interview From The Pokey

First Swizz Beatz...Now Ne-yo?!?!

Ooooohhh weee, it mus be something in the water! The streets are whispering that R&B singer Ne-Yo may be a father. According to a tipster, his girlfriend Monyetta is 8 weeks pregnant.

You'll recall Monyetta has, in the past, been romatically linked to about a dozen NFL players (including Steve McNair). She's also reportedly dated about a dozen rappers as well.

Taken from!

New Video: Drake - Find Your Love

Is Eddie Done Being A Deadbeat Dad?

After acting a donkey for the first couple years of his daughter Angel’s life, Eddie Murphy has finally come around. Ironically enough, it was while doing press for his recurring role as Donkey in the Shrek franchise’s latest installment Shrek Forever After for the Tribeca Film Festival that Eddie came around. Pop the hood for details.

Once upon a time you couldn’t even get Eddie Murphy to admit he fathered a child with Mel B. Then when a paternity test made it hard to deny, he still wanted nothing to do with the baby because he claimed Scary Spice tried to trap him with her fertile snapper… But it seems the actor has finally come around to welcoming little Angel into his life.

“While promoting ‘Shrek Forever After,’ Eddie talked a lot about his kids,” says a source. “Ever since, he’s been making efforts with Mel to get to know their daughter.”

Our source says he hosted a bash at his L.A. compound last week, and Brown, her husband, Stephen Belafonte, and Angel, her 3-year-old daughter with Murphy, were in attendance.

“They’ve both said some really nasty things about each other to the press,” says our source. “So needless to say, some guests were shocked.”

We hear the “Dreamgirls” actor had an additional push to make nice.

“Eddie’s ex-wife Nicole helped them reconcile their issues, too,” the insider said of Murphy’s ex-wife, with whom he has six kids. “Angel is Eddie’s youngest child, and Nicole wanted her children to know her. That helped Eddie to come around and get past all the animosity he had toward Mel.

“All of the children were there for the party, and it appeared that they’re one big happy, blended family,” the source added.

Mel B wasn’t Eddie’s only ex in attendance at the bash. The actor also seemed to be making an effort to get reacquainted with former girlfriend Shaun Robinson, the “Access Hollywood” host he dated before Brown.

Says the source: “At one point, they were in the kitchen together and seemed pretty friendly. There were whispers at the party that maybe they’d get back together someday.”

Since this whole Eddie Murphy family reunion seems to be a group effort, can somebody please get a comb and brush and stage an intervention with Mel B. about that poor child’s head???

Taken from!

The Low Down for May 11, 2010

Is Alicia Keys Eating For Two

Well, well, well, either Alicia Keys has been hitting the buffet hard, or she is preggers with a lil Swizz Beatz! Pictures surfaced from her show in Germany and her belly was definitely sticking out! There's been no official confirmation, but that's one of those things that's pretty hard to hide!

Nas Says Kelis Is Keeping Him From Son

Nas told Vibe Magazine that ex-wife Kelis makes it difficult for him to see his son Knight.

“My son was born with ice grills, so when his mom feels in the mood she sends pictures. If not, it's hell. It's hell trying to figure that out, trying to get him—I'll just leave it at that. It's hell. A man shouldn't go through that s**t, but it's another story I'ma tell at a different time.”

I just hope that they can work it out for Knight's sake!

Solar Hacked By Gangstarr Fan

This whole circus surrounding Guru from Gangstarr's death has gotten even wilder. An anti-Solar, Guru fan, hacked into Solar's email account and has been posting emails on the website f** (Solar was Guru's business partner and at the center of abuse allegations by DJ Premiere and Guru's family). The fan said he has around 800 emails that he plans on publishing! I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of the craziness surrounding the legendary artists' death. Rest in Peace Guru!

Michael Jackson's Body Guards Write Tell-All Book

Michael Jackson's body guards have apparently written a tell-all book, but this time, its to clear MJ's name. Three of his former bodyguards have written In Defense of the King, in which they say MJ had 2 girlfriends before he died. They also talk about his fifinancial difficulties. MJ's former plastic surgeon and friend has recently said that Mike was having an affair with his office assistant. I'm not sure what they will or wont be able to clear up, but it sure sounds interesting!

Will Smith Is Back In Black

Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince of Bellaire has signed on for Men In Black III, which is due out May 25, 2012. Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin are in talks to appear in the movie as well!

Bootsy Collins Bringing The Funk Back

Legendary bass player Bootsy Collins has announced the first online bass guitar school called Funk University! The inaugural semester begins July 1, 2010 and if you are interested, you can sign up at! I love me some Bootsy Collins, so go sign up NOW, even if you don't play bass! ;-)

I'm Yasmin Young and for even more of the dirty dirty tune in to The Morning Maddhouse at 7:10 am!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Final Papers: Swizz Beats & Mashonda

We've learned the judge in Mashonda and Swizzy's divorce has finally signed the papers. So the divorce is really final at this point, as of last Friday. Both Mashonda and Swizz Beatz signed their papers months ago, but it took a minute for the final papers to get signed by the judge.

And now that it's really all over, we hear Mashonda's writing a book about "her life" with NY Times best selling author Aliya S. King. I can only image what will all be in that....

The above pic is an outtake from her new photoshoot with photographer Robert Ector.

We also hear that Mashonda has turned down a few reality shows. The most recent one was with VH1 where R&B chick Oliva and stylist Misa Hylton would have been her cast members.

Locs Keep Him In Lonely Lockup

Kendall Gibson would seem to be one of Virginia’s most dangerous prisoners.

For more than 10 years he has lived in segregation at the Greensville Correctional Center, spending at least 23 hours every day in a cell the size of a gas station bathroom. In a temporary home for the worst of the worst — inmates too violent or disruptive to live among the rest of society’s outcasts — he has been a permanent fixture.

He is there, he says, not for his crimes but for a crime he will not commit — a crime against God.
The only thing imposing about Gibson is his long black dreadlocks, resting on the front of his shoulders so they won’t drag the ground as he shuffles along in his orange jumpsuit.

It is his hair — winding locks he considers a measure of his Rastafarian faith — that makes him a threat, according to Virginia Department of Corrections Operating Procedure No. 864.1.

The rule took effect on Dec. 15, 1999. Inmates had two choices: cut their hair no longer than their collars and shave their beards, or be placed in administrative segregation.

In the beginning, Gibson was among as many as 40 inmates who opted for confinement over cutting. By 2003, when a handful of the inmates filed a federal lawsuit against the department over their detention, 23 remained in segregation.

The lawsuit failed. Some cracked under the pressure of constant isolation with no visits from loved ones, educational or religious programs or commissary. Some went home.

Today, it’s difficult to tell exactly how many remain in isolation. The Department of Corrections won’t volunteer the information, but has confirmed 10 names given to The Associated Press by a group of Rastafarian inmates.

Not everyone can handle it, Gibson says. For those weak in mind or spirit, the walls can easily close in on them.

“People always ask how I can smile in a place so negative,” he says. The Rastafarian God, Jah, “is my answer. Without Jah in my life I wouldn’t be able to handle it.”

Taken from!

Dr. Murray May Ask to Delay Preliminary Hearing

Dr. Conrad Murray's legal team claims it may not be ready for the preliminary hearing setting next month, because they still have not received the full criminal file on the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.

Miranda Sevcik, spokesperson for Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, tells TMZ they have only received 3,500 pages of discovery. Sevcik cites a news report in which the D.A.'s office claims it has "hundreds of thousands of pages of material."

But a D.A. spokesperson told TMZ on Friday that the statement that there were "hundreds of thousands" of pages was their error ... and in fact there are only "thousands of pages" and the defense has received "the bulk of it."

Sevcik's response ... "It's odd. It seems like an awfully big miscalculation."

Sevcik says if the defense team does not get all the docs soon, they may ask to delay the preliminary hearing setting -- set for June 14.

Read more:

Basketball Wives Gettin It In

The Boondocks: Episode 2

Ex-Porn Star Exposes Industry

"Interview with a popular porn star turned Christian who breaks down the whole porn industry like rampid STD's, girls getting they stuff busted open and calls out popular porn star Pinky for lying to girls about the industry."

Confessions: Chilli Breaks Down

Chilli Tears Up When Talking About Her Abortion With Dallas Austin's 1st Child & Still Having Feelings For Usher!

The Low Down for May 10, 2010

Oprah's Mom Bucks Baby Daddy Claim

Oprah's mom, Vernita Lee, says that the man who claims he's Oprah's
dad is just looking for a paycheck. Nohr Robinson recently claimed
that he was Oprah's biological dad. He said he doesn't want any
money, he just wants to know that he's the daddy! Yeah, uh huh, ok. If
she was a crack head, do you think he would be laying claim? Right!

DMX Denied Rehab

A judge in Arizona denied DMX's request to attend Dr. Drew's Celebrity
Rehab. He's currently locked up in Arizona for violation of parole.
The judge said he's already doing well in the court appointed
substance abuse program, so they don't need no Dr. Drew!!

Even More Dirt Comes Out About Guru’s Death

The website f** claims it produced evidence that states Guru's
business partner, Solar may have sold Guru's house while he was in
coma. The house was sold for $325,000 in mid-march and Guru was in a
coma. The paperwork was supposedly signed by Guru…you do the math!

Rick Ross Said He Wasn't Debo-ed

Ricky Ross is disputing claims that he had his chain stolen in LA last
week. He said two fake Twitter gangstas were saying they ganked him
for his chain, but it just isn't true!

Yung Joc Inks New Record Deal

Yung Joc has signed a new record deal with RCA for him and his label
Swagg Team Entertainment. He also signed a production deal with Jive.
His new album, Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood, is due out later this

Mike Tyson Broke As A Joke

Mike "I'm legally insane so I should be collecting a check" Tyson went on The View last week and told the ladies that he is totally broke and lives paycheck to paycheck.
Daaaaayyuuummm, I hope his pigeon racing show on the Animal Planet
works out for him!

Bey Bey's Tattoo Is Fake

Well she faked us out, Beyonce's "Brooklyn" tattoo was temporary! She was
spotted recently at a Cleveland Cavaliers game without it.

Bobby Brown Is Back At It

Bobby Brown is ready to walk down the isle again. On Friday, he
proposed to his girlfriend at the Funk Fest in Jacksonville, FL. They
have an 11 month old son together. Wonder what Whitney thinks? Maybe
somebody can pull her away from her work *cough cough* and ask.

Legendary Diva Lena Horne Dies At 92

Lena Horne, the first Black performer to be signed to a long term
contract by a major Hollywood studio, died Sunday at 92. She was an
accomplished actress and singer.

In Box Office Action

Iron Man 2, rocketed to the top, earning $133.6
million, A Nightmare on Elm Street came in at a very distant second
with $9.2 million and How to Train Your Dragon was third with $6.8 million.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Low Down for May 6, 2010

Carmelo Anthony and La La Vazquez Finally Getting Hitched

Carmelo Anthony and La La Vazquez are finally, finally, finally getting married after being engaged forever and ever! First she was spotted dress shopping with Ciara. Now she's got big plans for a bachelorette party this weekend in Las Vegas. Her friends Kelly Rowland and Kim Kardashian planned it for her a TAO in Las Vegas. And Carmelo is going to fly all the ladies from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in his private plane! That's what I'm talkin bout!!

Nas Fighting $10,000 A Month Spousal Support Order

Nas’ lawyer is fighting to keep the rapper from having to pay ex-wife Kelis $10,000 a month in spousal support. His lawyer said that the order was based on him making just over $150,000 a month, but he makes significantly lower. I guess Kelis needs that extra 10 stacks a month to buy her crazy animal tail weaves and Avatar-inspired outfits! Sci-fi movie costumes ain’t cheap!

P. Diddy…Did He Or Didn’t He Sign Rick Ross To a Management Deal

Diddy just launched a new blog,, which he says is providing inspiration to young people all over the world (yeah, um, ok…if you say so). And blah, blah, blah. Anyway, the most important thing he said yesterday is that he IS NOT managing Rick Ross! Now I swear that earlier this week Rick Ross confirmed that he was being managed by Diddy. Get it together guys!

Jermaine Dupri Feels Usher Disrespected Him

Jermaine Dupri recently told Vibe Magazine that he felt Usher disrespected him when it came time to produce Usher’s latest album Raymond vs. Raymond. He told Vibe:

“I gave you your biggest album ever. You sold more records than any other artist in this decade based on that album. And now I have to ask you, am I the executive producer of your next album. That seems disrespectful to me.”

Drake Says He Didn’t Authorize Remix With Olivia

Olivia is irritated with none other than the light bright rapper, Drake. Remember Olivia, from G-Unit? Well, apparently, she did a remix of Drake’s song Control. Drizzy released a statement saying that he didn’t work with her, nor did he authorize her remixing the song. Olivia spoke with MTV and said she was confused about why Drizzy was tripping since he got his start doing mixtapes! But ultimately, she said he got her a lot of publicity by making that statement, so WHATEVA!

Gucci Mane To Be Released Next Week?

Word on the skreets is that Gucci Mane will be released from his 2nd home next week, Wednesday the 12th. He was in the pokey for probation violation.

The Dolla Murder Trail Began This Week

The murder trial for Aubrey Berry, who allegedly murdered rapper Dolla, in California began Tuesday. Berry says that he killed Dolla in self-defense. The trial is scheduled to last a week.

In Chart Action

B.O.B. and his debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, have landed in the #1 spot, selling 84 thousand copies. Usher’s Raymond vs. Raymond slips a spot to number 6; Monica’s still standing is still in the top 20, holding at 19. And Luda’s Battle of the Sexes falls 3 spots to number 20.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Video: The Dream - Love King Remix

Drake Gets Flashed While Performing

New Video: F.L.Y. (Feat. Roscoe Dash) - I'm So Gone

New Video: Beyonce - Why Don't You Love Me

Me & Ricco Barrino in The Power 98 studio!

Listen to Ricco's new single "Go Head"

The Low Down for May 5, 2010

Another Producer Sues Lil Wayne
Atlanta producer Shondrae “Bangladesh” Crawford is yet another producer suing the Lil Wayne. First it was Play-n-Skillz and Jim Jonsin. Bangladesh says Weezy owes him over a half a milli in royalty checks “A Milli.” Daaaayyyuuummm Wayne! Let me find out you haven’t been paying your people!

Gucci Cleans House From Prison
Even though he’s in the pokey in Georgia, Gucci Mane has been making some serious business decisions. He just fired his manager, the CEO of So Icey/ Mizay Entertainment Debrah Antney, who was also recently fired from her managerial position by Nicki Minaj.

Gucci has signed an exclusive management deal with First Avenue Management, Inc., and added booking agency CAA. Gucci also announced the official launch of his label 1017 Brick Squad Records, Inc.

I think it’s a good move on Gucci’s part, an insider has been telling me for years that there have been some shady business practices coming from his management.

Ne-yo Puff Puff Passing to Rick Ross
There is a new video out that shows Ne-yo taking a toke with Rick Ross as they are promoting Ricky’s new single “Super High,” which features Ne-yo.

Black Rob Says Bad Boy Didn’t Support Him in Prison
Only 2 hours after being released from a 7-year prison stint for Grand Larceny, Black Rob stopped by BET to talk about his experience. He said that while he was in general population in the prison, some folks, including prisoners and guards disrespected him simple because he is Black Rob. He also said that Diddy and Bad Boy didn’t support him while he was in the Pokey!

All I can say is Ricky Ross and Nicky Minaj should take note!

Monica Is Down For A New Season of Still Standing
Monica says she’s definitely down for a new season of her hit BET show Still Standing. But she says she wants to switch gears. Instead of focusing on her life at home and in the studio, she wants to reach out to young ladies who are trying to realize their dreams and help them get there! Props to Monica for that!

David Banner Sues Quincy Jones’ Son
David Banner is suing Quincy Jones’ son Quincy Jones the Third also known as QD3, for copyright infringement, claiming he used 2 of Banner’s songs in The Carter documentary without his permission.

Dwayne Wade’s Ex-Wife Is Suing His Mistress Gabrielle Union
Siohvaughn Wade, Dwyane Wade's ex-wife, filed a lawsuit in Chicago against her ex's mistress Gabrielle Union!

Gabby and Dwyane tried to keep their relationship secret, but have recently gotten real comfortable as Dwyane's divorce became final. But now that the custody battle is going full throttle, Siohvaughn is going in!

According to the Chicago Tribune, she is putting Gabby on blast saying she seduced Dwyane and acted as his mistress in front of their two sons:

The estranged wife of Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade filed a lawsuit today on behalf of their two sons against a Chicago attorney who she says failed to act in the best interest in their children during the couple's divorce.

Another lawsuit Siohvaughn Wade filed today on behalf of her 8-year-old and 2-year-old sons seeks damages against film actress Gabrielle Union on the grounds that she broke up the marriage.

Daaaaayyyyuuum, this is getting even messier! I’ll keep you posted!

That's the dity dirty! Tune into The Morning Maddhouse on Power 98 at 7:10 am for more dirt inside The Low Down!