Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Dirty Laundry for October 19, 2010

The Dirty Laundry

Gucci Checks Into Rehab
This is just tragic! First Soulja Boy, now Gucci? Ozone Magazine is reporting that Gucci checked himself into a month-long rehabilitation center…for cocaine addiction! They say his manager and lawyer pleaded with him outside the Riverwoods Psychiatric Center in Riverdale, GA for an hour, causing quite a scene, but finally getting him to turn himself in for a 28-day program! Good luck with that!

TI Speaks On Going Back To Prison
Well we all know TI will be turning himself in soon for his 11 month court ordered vacay. Here he is talking about the situation:

Rihanna Is Cyber-Thuggin
MediaTakeOut is claiming to have an email, from November 2008, that Rihanna sent to Chris Brown, of her going off on him because he waited two hours to call her back!
Here’s the full e-mail:


Its now over 2 hours sine I talked to you.

Im here sittin WAITIN on your phonecall like a FOOL!!!!! And still you have not even charged your phone yet!!!! Don’t you care about me Chris? Or am I just a whenever u get around to me thing???? Cus that’s how the f**k I feel!!!! I always have to BEG for your time. WHY??????? This is so WACK to me. You are really being a wack ni***a to me right now. I thought about you that entire flight and could not wait til I got off to talk to you! And this is what I get! Why are you such a WACK boyfriend ! Its like it doesn’t even matter to you or cross your mind. Why would you purposely put me thru this KNOWING that I really want to talk to you???? You are so ugly inside. You’re a horrible person!!!

By the way, Rihanna will do the opening performance for the 38th Annual American Music Awards.

Omarion Filed For Bankruptcy

It seems like lately R&B singers are causing just as much controversy as rappers! Omarion is making headlines for supposedly being broke! The Detroit News is reporting that “O” filed for bankruptcy back in January, but it was dismissed! According to public records he owes over $110,585 to the IRS and there are liens on his $1.5 million dollar house in Cali!

Soul Train Awards Nominations
Well things are looking better for some other R&B superstars. Alicia Keys, who just had her son with Swizz Beats, and Usher, lead the nominees for the 2010 Soul Train Awards! Drake is also cleaning up with three nominations!

New Music
As for new music, Flo-Rida announced that his 3rd Album is coming out November 30th and Eve says her new album, “Lip Lock” is dropping in March!

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