Monday, February 7, 2011

New York Is The New Home Of Gap's 1969 Denim Only Store

Gap wants to make a space in the high end denim market through its 1969 stores. With the newest one being in New York's lower Broadway. The store is between Spring and Broome streets, and houses array of styles of denim from the 1969's premium denim collection for men and women, complementary tops, jackets and shoes. They will also be carrying styles that will only be available in the 1969 stores, including European and Japanese styles. The store has a bright clean feel to it, denim lines the wall and the back of store has greenery to give it a more grounding touch. Seating in the center of the store is raw wood as well as a bar mounted with iPads which is loaded with different fashion sites to keep the non shopping companion busy. The Gap was founded on denim so I am glad to see it is getting back to it roots, but with more of a boutique feel.

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