Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Dirty Laundry For February 2, 2011

Lil’ Kim Wants Beef
Forget the candy, forget the roses, Lil’ Kim only wants beef on Valentine’s Day! She’s been plotting the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Part 2. She announced that her newest mixtape, “Black Friday,” is going to drop on Valentine’s Day...and you already know she's going to give it to Nicky!

Christina Milian Wants Her Part Of The Deal
Speaking of an unhappy Valentine’s Day! I’m quite sure it will be just that for The Dream and Christina Milian! They’re both fighting over Bieber! Not in a creepy child molester way, but over royalties from Justin’s song “Baby,” which the Dream co-wrote. He promised to pay Christina 10% of his publishing stake as part of their divorce settlement. But now X-Tina is asking for a bigger cut and The Dream is trying to stop all payments while they renegotiate! Oh this is going to get ugly.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Will Be Expanding Their Family
Well it’s not all bad in love land, Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon are still very much in love and they revealed that they’ll be having Jack & Jill babies! MiMi revealed that they’ll be having one girl and one boy! Congrats!

Monica Goes Hard In The Paint
Congrats are also in order for Monica! She’s launching a line of nail polish! It’s called “Nail Inspirations,” and it’ll come with an inspirational quote to encourage women! Monica developed her nail polish line with her cousin and the Orly Company. Look for “Nail Inspirations” in spas and beauty supply stores in July!

Jamie Foxx Has A New Project On The Way
Jamie Foxx is also making some moves! He was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night talking about his new project. Here’s a clip! Log on to to check out Jamie’s entire interview.

Jay-Z Signed A Female DJ To Roc Nation
Well Jay-Z is expanding his Roc nation empire, by signing 22 year old female DJ and model, DJ Harley Viera-Newton! One time for the female DJ’s!

Your Tube
Tonight on your tube, Samuel L. Jackson will be on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and Kobe Bryant will be on “Conan” tonight!

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