Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Dirty Laundry For February 15, 2011

The Dirty Laundry

Will Lil’ Wayne Have Another Little Lil’ Wayne Soon?
Lil Wayne could have a new little Lil’ Wayne running around in 9 months! You know he’s so fertile, all he has to do is breath on a chick and she’s pregnant! And even though he didn’t take home a GRAMMY, he did leave with something golden…a brand new R&B singer! Weezy was caught by photogs looking real comfy with Teairra Mari at one of the GRAMMY after-parties! He even gave her some $1 bills to make it rain! I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s pregnant right now! LOL! Click here to check the pics!

Chris Brown Throws A Post-GRAMMY Tantrum
Not everyone has enough class to take their Grammy loss as well as Weezy. Instead of finding a hot R&B singer to party with, Chris Brown showed just how well his anger management classes worked by tweeting, “To all my fans! I love y’all. Don’t be upset!! This industry is based on politics and butt-kissing! My only concern is Team Breezy! F-word everybody else! I’m just happy to be able to make music!! Team Breezy rocks!!” Right Breezy!

LL Cool J Wants His Kids To Be Polite
Even though Breezy doesn’t seem to have the best manners, LL Cool J wants to make sure his kids have some! He’s hired an etiquette coach to show his kids proper manners! LL said, “I want my kids to know how to walk in a room and have some manners and to know how to be polite.” Too bad Chris Brown’s mama didn’t do that!

Is There Trouble In Paradise For Jay-Z & Beyonce
Alright let me start out by saying I’m not sure how true this is, but Media Takeout is claiming that Jay-Z and Beyonce are splitting up! A source says that after a year of problems they’ve agreed to trial separation! Supposedly the snitch said, “The biggest thing is about kids. Jay-Z wants them and Beyonce doesn’t. It’s all about her career, and she doesn’t want to slow down.” Dayum, say it ain’t so!

OJ Simpson Get’s Beaten Up By Racist Inmates
Well reportedly things got a little worse for OJ Simpson, who is serving time in prison. Racist inmates supposedly gave him a severe beat down after he was bragging on his uncanny ability to bag white women. Word is The Juice spent 2 weeks in the prison hospital!

El Debarge Is Going Back To Rehab
Even though El Debarge just made his comeback, he’s already cutting it short! He’s heading back to rehab! He released a statement saying, “I hate to disappoint my fans, but it is necessary for me to take the time to work on me so that I may continue to share my music and my story with everyone.”

More Controversy For Rihanna
The controversy over Rihanna’s “S&M” video isn’t over. Photographer David LaChappelle is suing Rihanna and the director over the risqué images in RiRi’s the video! LaChappelle claims the pictures are derived from his work and he wants to be paid!

New Releases
As for new music, Teena Marie‘s “Icon” and “Elgin” by Ginuwine are in stores today!

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