Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Dirty Laundry for December 7, 2010

The Dirty Laundry

Part 2: Rick Ross Vs. Young Jeezy
It must be beefing season because Rick Ross is back talking about his beef with Young Jeezy! He recently spoke about the beef in an interview with the “Source” magazine. He said they haven’t spoken since the BMF beef and he’s not looking forward to it. Ross also said, "I made 'Summer's Mine' just to [let him know], if we gonna play that sports, let's put it on the table like men" and "I had nothing but love for the homie, but if me getting money in the streets or making music offended you, I can't help that."

Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant?
Kim Kardashian may not be able to help picking up a lil weight. MediaTakeOut is calling it baby fat!! According to an insider, Kimmy Cakes is knocked up by Kanye West, who she’s been seeing on and off for the past year!

The Stars Are Back From The Dead
Speaking of Kimmy Cakes, her and other stars like Usher and Alicia Keys are back from their “digital deaths!” They agreed to “die” to help Alicia Keys raise money for her charity that helps fight AIDs in Africa. The stars died digitally by staying off their Twitter and Facebook pages until a million dollars was raised. Fans raised about half and the other $500,000 was kicked in by billionaire philanthropist Stewart Rahr. Usher did cheat a little though, Tweeting on Sunday night, before the milli was raised! But we already knew Usher was a cheater, so no surprise there! Shots fired!

LL Cool J Wants You To Smell Like Him
LL Cool J says that for years he’s been a fan of a certain cologne, but whenever people would ask him what scent he was wearing, he wouldn’t tell them. But now he’s telling everyone because he bought the company! Here he is:

New Releases
As for new albums, Charlie Wilson’s “Just Charlie,” Redman’s “Reggie” and T.I.’s “No Mercy” are all in stores today! Click here to read my review of “No Mercy” before you spend your hard-earned money on it!

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