Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Dirty Laundry for December 22, 2010

The Dirty Dirty

NeNe Leakes May Be Preggers
Whoo wee! is reporting that one of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is preggers! Yep, everyones favorite ghetto diva, NeNe Leakes, is supposedly knocked up! Now that's not the shocking part, this: word is it could ne her husband Greg's or it could be NFL baller Charles Grant's! Touch Down!

Cash Money Rapper Shot To Death
Some sad news for Cash Money Records. A female rapper named Magnolia Shorty, who was signed to the label, was assassinated in New Orleans on Monday afternoon. She was shot in a car, with an unidentified man. Both victims had been shot multiple times. It's not clear whether it was against Magnolia personally or Cash Money artists in general, so security for Nicki Minaj has been beefed up!

Weezy Finally Settled The Dispute Over Lollipop
Speaking of Cash Money, Lil Wayne has settled a long-running dispute with producer Jim Jonsin over the song "Lollipop." Jim says he produced the record, but never saw a dime! He sued Weezy for a half-a-milli in April and says they worked out an arrangement.

Thieves Are In Action For The Holidays
Speaking of thievery, two burglars were arrested yesterday for sneaking into 50 Cent's 52-room mansion in Connecticut. When cops showed up they found one guy drinking a bottle of wine that he stole from Fiddy's kitchen and the other guy was hiding in the closet!

Nas Is Getting In The Holiday Season
Well it's the holiday season and everyone is getting in the mood, including Nas. He's teaming up with Melba restaurant in Harlem to feed over 250 people for the holidays! Doing some good in the hood!

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