Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Dirty Laundry for December 23, 2010

Groupies Do Get Around
Well word on the street is that Amber Rose had moved on from Fabolous to an A-List actor! Mediatakeout's snitch says that she had been seeing none other than Eddie Murphy! Supposedly they had been creeping, uh I mean dating, for a minute, but in true Eddie Murphy fashion he dumped her and in front of several people! Damn, it's hard out here for a groupie!

Some Good News For Fantasia In Court
Well another "other-woman" just got some good news in court! The judge in Antwaun Cook's divorce saga ruled that Fantasia did not break up his marriage to Paula Cook. But there is some speculation that some scandalous stuff is going on because Fanny's lawyer was the judge's lawyer in her divorce! Sounds suspect!

G-Dep Was A True Bad Boy
Speaking of suspect, G-Dep, memba him? Well a New York Grand jury had indicted him for a 1993 murder that he recently confessed to! Now he's facing a possible prison term of 25 years to life! Special delivery!

Keyshia Cole May Collab Again With Nicki Minaj
Well Keyshia Cole is hoping to possibly team up with Nicki Minaj for her tour, which kicks off in March. Her first option is R&B-heavy with Monica, Faith, and Tank or her other option is with Nicki. During her Ustream session this week Keysh said, " I would love to go out on tour with Nicki."

Chart Action
As for the album charts, Michael Jackson's latest release "Michael" fell short of expectations selling only 228,000 units, landing at #3. R Kelly's "Love Letter" debuted at #6 and Dirty Money's "Last Train to Paris" was #7.

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