Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Dirty Laundry for November 9, 2010

The Dirty Laundry

Yeezy Takes Back His Apology To Taylor Swift
Sometimes Kanye West just doesn't know when to leave well enough alone. He apologized about the whole Taylor Swift situation, but now it seems like he's taking the apology back. During a recent interview Yeezy said he bore the brunt of criticism for standing up for Beyonce. Here he is:

Click here to watch Kanye dig his hole just a lil deeper!

Yeezy Hijacks A Delta Flight
And if you thought “Snakes On a Plane” was scary imagine being a captive audience on a plane as Kanye hijacks the P.A. system to spit his raps. It might not be bad for us, but imagine what someone's 60 year old white granny was thinking?! Here's Ye giving an impromptu performance on a Delta Flight:

Bow Wow's Suicide Tweets
Bow Wow shocked fans by talking suicide in a series of tweets. Bow tweeted:

"I swear i be wishing i was dead sometimes. Because i feel like that's the only way ill get peace.”

"People don't know me man. Yall don't... start looking at Shad. Not Bow wow. F**k Bow. I go through s**t daily. I'm Just like yall."

"I sacrificed my life for this Hip Hop s**t. I put my REAL life on hold. If i could do it over.... I wudda went to school. Got me a (regular) job."

Monica Has Stalkers
Speaking of ending it and twitter, Monica did just that! She decided to abandon her Twitter page, not because of haters, but because of stalkers. She said they were using it to keep up with where she was going to be.

Look Out For Will.i.am's New Campaign
At least one person is using Twitter for something positive. Will.i.am from Black Eyed Peas is recruiting a bunch of celebrities to support President Obama for re-election in 2012. He's organizing the "i.am W/U Mr. Pres!" campaign! The first step is an all-star video tweet that will be shot in Hollywood this week with stars like Anthony Hamilton, Hill Harper, Don Cheadle, El Debarge, Vivica A. Fox, Pras and more. The video tweet will blast out on Thanksgiving Day.

Diddy's Flagship Sean John Store Closing

Well apparently Diddy's ad campaign for Sean John isn't working as well as he wanted because his flagship store in New York City will shut its doors on December 5th, but hey at least he's still has Macy's!

Swizz Beats Is The Super Producer
Speaking of New York City, Swizz beats has been selected as the first producer-in-residence at my alma mater, New York University! Swizzy will present class lectures, one-on-one instruction and mentoring!

Jay-Z's Has A New Book
Jay-Z is also getting collegiate! He's teaming up with Princeton professor, Dr. Cornel West, next Monday to discuss his new book "Decoded" during the Miami Book Fair.

Weezy Thanks You
Lil Wayne said he may turn his prison journal into a book and if you're a Lil Wayne fan I know you can't wait for that! Also, if you're a fan, I've got a message for you...as a matter of fact; I'll let Wayne tell you himself:

Michael Jackson's Mom Chats With Oprah About Michael
If you missed it, Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine, and father, Joe, were on Oprah speaking about Mike's life. Katherine said what most of us already knew, that Michael was addicted to plastic surgery, she says she told him "That's enough. Why do you keep going?" Oprah also asked Joe about beating the Jackson kids; here they are talking about it:

Chris Breezy Settled A Lawsuit
Speaking of beat downs, Chris Brown settled a lawsuit with a photographer who claims he was assaulted by one of Breezy's security guards!

New Releases
As for new releases, Cee-Lo Green's "Lady Killer," Joe Budden's "Mood Muzik 4" and Quincy Jones’ "Soul Bossa Nostra" are all in stores today!

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