Monday, November 8, 2010

The Dirty Laundry for November 8, 2010

The Dirty Laundry

Did Rihanna Give Drake The Gift That Keeps Giving?

So we know that Drake & Rihanna have hooked up at least once, possibly more times recently…well is reporting that Ri Ri may have given Drake the gift that keeps giving…HERPES. Ewwwww…

Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj
Well some people jumped on me for asking Lil Kim if the beef with Nicki Minaj was over saying “Kim has moved on and decided to be classy,” well I say this with the utmost respect, ya’ll were wrong! This weekend Kim was performing in Queens and she took the opportunity to take shots. She calls Nicki Minaj, Nicki Garbage and here she is dissing Nicki:

Kat Stacks 9 Lives Are Up

Kat Stacks is known for beefing with just about everyone, but it looks like her 9 lives are up! is reporting that Kat will be deported to Venezuela! She never received her permanent residency, plus she’s been in trouble with the law twice and that equals a big ol’ buh bye!

Marques Houston Files A Restraining Order
Speaking of paperwork, Marques Houston has taken out a restraining order against former B2K member Raz-B, who accused Marques of molesting him and Lil Fizz! In court documents, Marques says Raz-B “Has a deranged demeanor and is not acting like a reasonable person.” The restraining order forbids Raz-B from getting close to Marques and mentioning his name in public.

Weezy Is Back In Full Effect
And as promised, here are some details about Weezy’s weekend. His first stop after his release from Riker’s Island was a private gathering with his friends and family. Then he checked into the luxurious Palace Hotel, where he spent hours of spent hours getting his dreads styled. Friday night he was kickin’ it courtside at the New Orleans/Miami game.

Wayne’s first post-prison performance was at Drake’s show in Las Vegas at Hard Rock. Weezy jumped on stage with Drake to perform “Miss Me.” You can log onto to watch the entire video of them tearing up the stage!

Hopefully Wayne will learn from T.I.’s mistake, because under his probation terms for his drug possession in Arizona, Weezy can’t drink any alcohol during the next 3 years. But he was spotted with a glass of liquid that looked suspiciously like cognac! Log onto our Facebook page for the flick!

Suge Knight Is Preparing An Appeal
Even though a judge just threw out Suge Knight’s case against Kanye West last week, Suge is preparing an appeal!

Fiddy Got Too Much Time...And Too Much Money!

After all these years, I’ve finally found 50 Cent to be sexy! Although I think it may not be him, as much as it is the $2 million in cash he’s playing with in a new video that hit the web.

Box office Results
As for the box office this weekend, Will Ferrell’s “Megamind” cleaned up with $47.7 million. “Due Date” was second with $ 33.5 million and “For Colored Girls” grabbed the third spot with $20.1 million!


  1. omg wayne cant drink for 3 years!!!!! Lets see how that works cldnt imagine

  2. Ay, Nicki is my girl, she got alot of confidence in herself and she doing it big... hell she is the baddest right now them other rap ladies know that they just frontin