Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Dirty Laundry for November 2, 2010

The Dirty Laundry

Kimmy Cakes & King James?

Scandalous! Just scandalous! Mediatakeout.com is reporting that Kim Kardasian is trying very hard to take Savannah, Lebron James girlfriend’s place as queen! King James apparently knows that Kim brings more to the table than just a pretty face; she brings droves paparazzi and tons of exposure! Uh yeah, Ima leave that alone!

Kim Kardashian Is Working On An Album
And supposedly Kim does know how to use her mouth for other things! Word is she is working with The Dream to record album! Interesting! Hmmmmm…

Hammer Don't Hurt Em!

Speaking of recording, MC Hammer has finished recording his Jay-Z diss song and video, “Better Run Run!” In the video, Hammer is implying that Jay-Z is a devil worshipper!

T.I. Is Officially On An 11-Month Vacay
Well T.I.’s court ordered vacay officially started yesterday. He reported to the minimum security prison in Forrest City, Arkansas for his 11 month sentence!

Lil Wayne Will Be Back On The Scene Soon
One is back in and another southern rapper is getting ready to get out! Lil Wayne will be released from Riker’s Island on Thursday, but he’s already reflecting on his time behind bars. Weezy told Billboard.com that he’s learned a lot through his prison experience.

Here are some excerpts from Lil Wayne's interview with Billboard.com:

Lil Wayne spoke on his visitors, writing, “I'd have to say the visit from Diddy was most surprising because there's a lot that you're required to go through and to think he did just to see me is more than cool. But again, everybody has been more than supportive. I never felt alone.”

Billboard asked Weezy a two-part question about T.I. going back to jail and if he thinks prison actually rehabilitates inmates. Wayne answered, “No comment.”

When asked to name the most important thing he learned through his prison experience, Lil Wayne said: “I've learned about my strength and inner peace. I've shown myself how patient I can be. The most important or positive thing I've gotten out of this is the ability to be so humble.”

Billboard asked Wayne if he had regretted anything over the past year. He said “no regrets” but added that he missed his “wonderful kids” more than anything else. In fact, Weezy closed his written interview by saying that the first five things he’s going to do when he gets out of prison is “kiss Reginae, kiss little Dwayne, kiss Neal, kiss Kameron and kiss my wonderful mother Cita.”

Toya Carter’s “Priceless Inspiration”
Lil Wayne isn’t the only one who learned from his mistakes, his ex-wife and the mother of his daughter, Reginae, is writing a book called “Priceless Inspiration.” The book is about her life and will caution young ladies about teen pregnancy.

New Releases
The soundtrack to “For Colored Girls," Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas II You,” Nerd’s “Nothing” and Joe’s “Home is the Essence of Christmas” are all in stores today!

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