Monday, January 24, 2011

The Dirty Laundry for January 24, 2011

The Dirty Laundry

Nicki Minaj Gets The Boot
Nick Minaj is officially a rock star! Last Thursday she got kicked out of her hotel room in London after her fans and paparazzi got all out of pocket! They mobbed Nicki at the entrance and some of them tagged the elevators with graffiti! Nicki tweeted, ““Long day of press only to find out we've officially been kicked out the hotel! Lmaoooooooo. Rescue me barbz!!!! Pleeeeeese!!!”

Is Drake Crossing Back Over?
Nicki’s play play husband, Drake, could be making his big screen debut alongside Academy Award winners, Al Pacino and Susan Sarandon! He’s supposedly in talks to co-star in “Arbitrage.”

Talk About 15 Minutes Too Long!
Speaking of acting debuts, it’s been confirmed, Antoine Dodson has landed a reality show deal! Yes, someone please stop the madness! Word in the streets is that he’s signed with “Entertainment On,” to tape a reality show, which will follow his move from the backwoods of Alabama to West Hollywood! Sounds like “The Jefferson’s” part 2! Mooooooving on up!

No Jail Time For Yo Gotti
Yo Gotti got some good news; charges filed against him after a fight outside a club in Memphis. He had been charged with aggravated riot.

Bad News For Juelz Santana
Where there’s good news, there’s bad news! Juelz Santana’s New Jersey recording studio was raided on Thursday after a 10 month police investigation. Police found guns, ammo and ganja!

Michael Jackson’s Estate Sues Mike’s Mom…Kinda
Michael Jackson’s mother also got some bad news! MJ’s estate has sued a business man who’s working with Mike’s mom to hawk memorabilia on the website! They accuse the site’s creator of copyright infringement.

Flavor Flav’s Chicken And Vodka
Hopefully Flavor Flav won’t have that problem when it comes to his chicken restaurant, Flav’s Fried Chicken, which is now open in Clinton, Iowa! Flav’s also going to give Diddy a run for his money, he’s coming out with a line of flavored vodkas.

Is Jay-Z The Only One?
Let Beyonce tell it, Jay-Z was the first and let’s say only guy to tap that booty! In a recent interview she said other than Hova, she only had one boyfriend, and they never did the nasty!

Box office Report
As for the box office, “No Strings Attached” is #1 with $20.3 Million. “The Green Hornet” was 2nd with $18.1 Million. And “The Dilemma” was 3rd with $9.7 Million.

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