Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Dirty Laundry For January 6, 2011

Waka Is A Free Man
Waka Flocka is a free man! He was released from jail in Atlanta yesterday after posting $40,000 bail. He turned himself in on Monday after a warrant was issued for him. He's facing a bunch of charges including possession of marijuana, and possession of violating state anti-gang laws!

T.I. Gets Caught Getting It In
Speaking of jail birds, T.I. is back in trouble! This time for getting a lil too frisky with his wifey, Tiny. Supposedly, she visited him in prison in Arkansas on New Year's Eve and he couldn't keep his hands off her. During a visit T.I. and Tiny snuck off to a secret room and started messing around, they ended up getting caught, so now Tip has been moved to a "Special Housing Unit," with more security and less freedom! I'm beginning to think that T.I. is slow and doesn't learn!

Snoop Wanted To Do Some Freaky Things
Speaking of getting it on, Snoop was allegedly doing just that! A snitch told that Snoop showed up to a bachelor party for British dudes that was full of skippers! The girl even got some video, but Snoop spazzed out on her a few seconds into her recording! I can only imagine what happened after the camera was shut off!

A BIG Fat Lie From Soulja Boy
I told you a few days ago about Soulja Boy claiming he wrote Willow Smith's song "Whip My Hair," well apparantly that was a big fat lie! SB already lied to us, saying "The DeAndre Way" was going to be his best album, and now this! A producer named JukeBox, who rolls with Rodney Jenkins, recently put Soulja in his place saying, " My house must be poppin! Cuz I had no idea Soulja was in my house when I did that song!" Dayuumm Soulja! Really!?!

Foxy Brown Is In Trouble Again
Another rapper with issues is back in trouble! Foxy Brown's former manager and friend Bernadette Brennan is suing her for $100,000 for studio time and says Foxy "needs help." She was apparantly fed up with Foxy's antics--and wanted out! Maybe Foxy and Soulja Boy can head over to the crazy house and make a date of it!

Continue Waiting On The Throne
I told you last week that Kanye said his and Jay-Z's collab album, "Watch the Throne," was dropping this week. Well Yeezy was wrong, it won't hit atreets till early March!

Nicki Minaj Is Putting Up Numbers
Speaking of albums, a big fat CONGRAT is in order for Nicki Minaj. Pink Friday is officially platinum!

Chart Action
As for the charts, Eminem is back on top! "Recovery" moved up 5 spots #2, selling 63,000 units. Rihanna's "Loud" is #3 selling 61,000 copies. Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday is #4 and Kanye West rounds out the Top 5. Keyshia Cole's "Calling All Hearts" is #10 moving 37,000 copies last week!

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