Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Dirty Laundry for March 23, 2011

The Dirty Laundry

Chris Brown Becomes Furious After His Interview On “Good Morning America”
Read more: The Dirty Dirty: Chris Brown Becomes Furious After His Interview On “Good Morning America”
I personally think Chris Brown needs to demand a refund of the money he paid for his anger management classes, because they’re just not working! C. Breezy allegedly went crazy yesterday after his appearance on “Good Morning America.” Word is, he was upset because during his interview, Robin Roberts repeatedly asked him pre-approved questions about Rihanna.

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Chris Brown Is Already Getting Heat For His Actions
Chris Brown is already feeling the backlash. He’s supposed to perform on “Dancing With The Stars” next Tuesday but a lot of fans are demanding that DWTS cancel his appearance. And he canceled his appearance on MTV’s “The Seven.”

Will Rihanna Go On Tour?
Rihanna may have to cancel her “Loud” tour because she’s having a rough time selling tickets! It’s supposedly gotten so bad that one of her managers told her to go on and cancel some dates! And Ciara may have the last laugh! Remember Rihanna called her out about not being able to book a stage, well CiCi tweeted, “Well, well, well…u don’t say…” after the news about RiRi’s lackluster sales hit the web!

Bow Wow Skips Out On His Ex-Girlfriend’s Baby Shower
Chris and RiRi aren’t the only ones cancelling appearances, Bow Wow is too! Media Takeout says he skipped out on his ex-girlfriend’s baby shower over the weekend! And to add insult to injury, word is he was out on the town with his new-again boo, Angela Simmons! Ouch!

Ja Rule Is Facing More Legal Problems
Well Ja Rule admitted yesterday in court that he didn’t pay taxes on more than $3 million in income. He could be sentenced to up to one year in prison and more than $100, 000 in fines!

Young Buck Get’s Sued By 50 Cent
Ja Rule‘s arch enemy, 50 Cent, is suing Young Buck! G-Unit Records has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Buck, in the event that he breaches his contract with the label in is on-going bankruptcy case.

Lil’ Wayne Owe’s A Producer $20 Million
Buck’s not alone, Lil’ Wayne is also being sued! A producer named Deezle says that Young Money and Cash Money owe him $20 million!

Arrangements Have Been Made For Nate Dogg‘s Funeral
Rest In Peace Nate Dogg! He will be laid to rest this Saturday after a private funeral and public memorial service.

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