Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Jenius Label...Custom Jeans

There is new and upcoming clothing designer that is specializing in custom jeans for kids to adults. Jenius Label is not like any other denim line out here now. They will let you customize your denim back pockets, you will become the designer of your own style by choosing the color, style and design. The pocket is made from leather and is attached to the jeans by an invisible zipper. Founder Ricky Bortz started the company in 2009 while in college at Kent State majoring in Business Management "with the intention of redefining the denim industry" "Jenius Label is a innovative jean brand the world has not yet seen". Ricky Bortz is already making his mark on the fashion industry with Jenius Label along with other fashion designers. Celebrities and music artist are already lining up to be the first to wear the new brand. The company also make an array of t-shirts. You can purchase your custom premium jeans at http://www.jeniuslabel.com and also follow the company for new updates and sale information on Twitter @jeniuslabel

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